Project Diamer-Bhasha Dam: Wapda Chief Inspected River Diversion Scheme

Chairman of Wapda, Engineer Lieutenant General Sajjad Ghani (Retired), conducted a visit to the Diamer-Bhasha Dam Project on Sunday to assess the operational status of the river diversion system. This system became operational last week following the partial diversion of the River Indus at the Diamer-Bhasha Dam Project site.
The river diversion infrastructure comprises a one-kilometer-long diversion tunnel, a 0.857-kilometer-long diversion canal, and two coffer dams—one located upstream and the other downstream of the main dam site.
Wapda successfully diverted a portion of the River Indus last week using the newly constructed diversion system. Currently, the powerful River Indus flows predominantly through the diversion tunnel and canal, partially maintaining its natural course.
During his visit, Chairman Wapda closely inspected the ongoing construction progress at various sites within the project. The CEO, GM/project director of Diamer-Bhasha Dam, and representatives from consultants and contractors accompanied the chairman during this inspection. The chairman received a detailed briefing on the test run of the diversion system.
Both the diversion tunnel and canal are reported to be operating satisfactorily. Simultaneously, construction activities are progressing smoothly at 13 different sites, as per the chairman’s briefing.

It is noteworthy that Wapda is on track to achieve a significant milestone in the Diamer-Bhasha Dam Project next week by sealing the upstream coffer dam. This will result in the complete redirection of the River Indus through the diversion system, circumventing the main dam site and rejoining its natural course approximately 800 meters downstream.
The Diamer-Bhasha Dam Project, situated 40 kilometers downstream of Chilas town, is a mega multipurpose venture set for completion in 2028. With a gross water storage capacity of 8.1 million acre-feet (MAF), it aims to irrigate 1.23 million acres of land. The project’s power generation capacity is estimated at 4,500 MW, contributing to an annual energy generation of 18 billion units.
Hence, according to recent updates, the Diversion at the Diamer Bhasha Dam for the Indus River is likely to be finished shortly.

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