How to Check Your Bike Registration in Pakistan 2024

Are you a new bike owner looking to check its ownership status? If so, this blog post is written for you. In this blog, we will cover everything about the ownership verification process in Pakistan using a variety of online and offline methods based on your location.

How to check the Bike Registration Process in Pakistan

Bike ownership

To verify vehicle registration in Pakistan online, you have several options available. One easy method is to utilize your region-specific website of the Excise and Taxation Department, along with various mobile applications. These online services make it simple to check bike ownership status based on your area of residence. Let’s explore the relevant websites and the step-by-step process for online bike verification in Pakistan.

Websites for online Bike Verification in Different Provinces

Website for Bike Registration Checkup in Punjab


Website for Bike Registration in Sindh


Website to Check your Bike Registration in KPK


The process is very simple. You have to go to the URL provided above. Upon accessing the designated website for your province, you’ll see a form displayed on your screen, typically with one or two empty fields. Completing these fields is mandatory to proceed with verifying bike ownership in Pakistan.

One of these fields might be labelled as “Vehicle Number” or “Registration Number.” Here, you’ll input the alphanumeric characters displayed on your bike’s number plate.

After entering the required information, simply click on the “Search” button to retrieve details regarding the ownership status of your bike.

The online check for bike registration number may yield the following information in the results:

Owner’s Name: The full name of the registered owner of the bike.

Registration Number: The unique alphanumeric identifier assigned to the motorbike.

Vehicle Model: Details about the make, model, and year of the motorbike.

Chassis Number: The unique identification number assigned to the motorbike’s chassis.

Engine Number: The unique identification number assigned to the motorbike’s engine.

Registration Date: The date when the motorbike was officially registered.

Vehicle Status: Information about the current status of the motorbike’s registration, such as active or expired.

Vehicle Type: Classification of the motorbike based on its usage, such as private or commercial.

Tax Payment Status: Details regarding the payment of applicable taxes related to the motorbike.

Owner’s Address: The residential or mailing address of the registered owner, depending on the information provided during registration.

Bike Registration in Pakistan Checkup Through a Mobile App

Bike in Pakistan

Now, you can also confirm our bike ownership status in Pakistan through the mobile app. Several apps in Pakistan offer the convenience of accessing vehicle verification data online. You can easily find these vehicle verification apps on platforms like Google Play Store, Apple’s App Store, and Huawei Mobile Services.

Verifying your motorcycle registration in Pakistan online is an easy and simple process, much like using the websites mentioned earlier. Typically, you’ll need to input your vehicle registration number and specify your district within these applications to fetch the relevant information and required details.

How to Check Bike Ownership Status in Pakistan Via SMS

Now, the 3rd method to verify bike registration in Pakistan is through sending an SMS. You can easily verify bike registration in Pakistan through a simple SMS process. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate through it:

Open the SMS app on your mobile phone.

Type your vehicle’s registration number in the text message and send the message to 8785.

Within seconds, you’ll receive a reply containing details about your requested vehicle, such as:

Model and Company of the Bike


Year of Registration

Owner’s Name

Issuance Status of Computerised Number Plates

Tax and Token Paid Up to

Engine and Chassis Number

Department of Exercise and Taxation for Bike Verification in Pakistan 

If you don’t have access to websites or you can’t use mobile apps or SMS options for bike registration verification, simply visit your local Excise and Taxation Department office. Bring your bike’s original documents and plate number; you will get the required information. Following are the taxation departments of Pakistan.

  • The Excise and Taxation Department Punjab
  • The Excise and Taxation Department, Islamabad
  • The Excise and Taxation Department, Sindh
  • The Excise and Taxation Department, KPK

So, this blogpost, we discussed various methods of bike ownership verification methods in Pakistan. We hope this blog will be beneficial for you.

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