CDA Approved 3 Major IT Projects For PKR 220 Million

Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority Development Working Party (CDA-DWP) has recently given the green light to three Information Technology (IT) projects with a combined budget of PKR 220 million.

This decision was reached during a meeting convened at CDA headquarters with the objective of enhancing and modernizing the IT infrastructure and services within the region.

3 Information Technology Projects

Development of Centrally Managed Wifi System

The First project, titled ‘Deployment of Centrally Managed Wi-Fi System on a Turnkey Basis at CDA Headquarters,’ has been allocated a budget of PKR 88.5 million and is expected to be completed within 11 months. The primary goal of this project is to establish a secure and centrally managed Wi-Fi system that will serve as a dependable communication platform for Internet services, email accessibility, and various software applications. This new system is intended as a backup for the existing 18-year-old wired communication network, which will be replaced during the second phase of the project.

E-Empowerment at CDA

The second endeavor, ‘E-Empowerment at CDA,’ has received a budget of PKR 99 million and is scheduled to be finalized within a 24-month timeframe. This comprehensive initiative encompasses several IT improvements, including the overhaul of the CDA website, the introduction of e-payment services, the implementation of One Window Automation, the development of a smart application, and the introduction of various other online services. Once fully implemented, this system is expected to substantially reduce the need for public visits to government offices, streamline service delivery, and boost overall efficiency.

Digitization of Architecural Drawings

The third and final project to gain approval, ‘Online Architectural Drawings System & Digitization of Architectural Drawings,’ has been allocated a budget of PKR 33 million and is also slated for completion within 24 months. This project will enable citizens to submit their architectural and structural drawings online. Real-time monitoring and digitization will greatly expedite the approval process for building plans and no-objection certificates (NOCs), resulting in a more efficient and transparent procedure.

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