CDA Cuts Down Monthly Fuel Quota for Officers

CDA cuts down monthly fuel quota for officers due to the recent increase in petrol prices. This decision was taken to reduce the CDA’s expenditure on fuel and to conserve energy.

In a significant move to manage resources more efficiently, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has recently taken action to reduce the monthly fuel quotas for its officers. This initiative aims to promote responsible fuel consumption and align with broader sustainability goals.
An official notification from the CDA has confirmed these alterations in fuel quotas. According to the notification, the Chairman and members of the CDA board will experience a substantial 40% reduction in their fuel allowances. On the other hand, other officers within the organization will undergo a slightly milder 30% reduction.

CDA Cuts Down Monthly Fuel Quota for Officers

Chairman: One of the most prominent adjustments is reducing the fuel limit for the Chairman of CDA’s vehicle. Previously set at 600 liters per month, it has now been scaled down to 400 liters. This change signifies a 33% decrease in the fuel allowance for the Chairman.

Board Members: The fuel limits for vehicles belonging to board members have also been revised. Previously, they were entitled to 400 liters per month, but this has now been lowered to 300 liters. This shift represents a 25% reduction in the monthly fuel quota for CDA board members.

Directors and DGs: Directors and DGs will now have their diesel and petrol consumption capped at 175 liters per month. This change is substantial, as it sets a clear limit on the fuel usage for these high-ranking officers.

Deputy Directors and Assistant Directors: For deputy directors, assistant directors, and other officers within the CDA, the monthly fuel allowance will be restricted to 150 liters. This marks a decisive step towards encouraging more economical fuel consumption among these officers.

As per CDA resources, the prices of gasoline and operational vehicle fuel have not decreased. However, there has been a reduction in the fuel allocation for vehicles assigned for personal use by officers.

According to officials from the CDA, lowering the petrol allocation for these officers is expected to result in a decrease in the department’s monthly fuel expenditures. The civic agency is implementing this move as part of the government’s cost-cutting measures to reduce operational expenses.


In conclusion, the CDA’s decision to reduce monthly fuel quotas for its officers is a commendable step towards sustainable resource management. It clearly conveys the organization’s dedication to responsible consumption and environmental stewardship. With these changes in place, the CDA sets an example for other government entities, demonstrating that even small adjustments can significantly promote sustainability. As these measures take effect, fuel efficiency and environmental consciousness are expected to become more ingrained in the culture of the CDA.

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