CDA Initiates Shahdara, Chiniot Dam Projects to Solve Water Crisis in Capital

Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has announced plans to build two small dams, Shahdara and Chiniot, to address the water shortage in Islamabad, according to a news article on May 23.

The water supply from Simly Dam to Islamabad will increase by 8 million gallons daily (mgd). Currently, Islamabad’s water demand is around 250 mgd, with the city demanding 120 mgd. The CDA currently provides about 70 mgd from Simly Dam, Khanpur Dam, and tubewells. In a recent meeting, CDA Chairman Mohammad Ali Randhawa called for immediate action on the Shahdara, Tarbela, Chiniot, and Khanpur dams to solve the water crisis permanently. The Chiniot Dam will be located in the Simly Dam catchment area, while the Shahdara Dam will be on the Shahdara stream.

The CDA also plans to initiate work on the Khanpur Dam and Ghazi Brotha project. Concluding this is a remarkable news related to construction industry.

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