CDA initiates construction of Shahdara and Chiniot Dams in Islamabad

Islamabad: News sources indicate that the CDA Water Management Wing initiated a Feasibility Study for two dams called “Shahdara and Chiniot” in Islamabad due to insufficient capacities of existing reservoirs, particularly Simly Dam and Khanpur Reservoir.

The studies reveal that the Shahdara Dam would supply the capital with a total storage capacity of 6-8 MGD will significantly expand its own water reservoir. It is expected that another major water source will be Chiniot Dam with a storage capacity of 16-18 MGD. These steps are expected to increase water security in the capital city.

Chiniot Dam was built in 1982. Its water storage capacity has reduced by 33% over the years. Currently, Simly Dam has a total of 6,881 million gallons in terms of the overall water storage capacity. It will be built as a carry-over dam instead of reducing the water storage capacity at the Simly dam. The reservoir will have capacities of up to 18 – 20 million gallons of water.


As a major undertaking, the Water Management Wing is currently preparing the TORs for the feasibility study that will be conducted before assessing various aspects and potential results of the proposed projects. Then, it will issue out an invitation of tender for the Feasibility Study of these outrageous ventures.

After completing the feasibility study of newly proposed hydropower projects, they shall be subjected to tender. This innovation aims at harnessing these strategic water resources with a view to generating clean power. To ensure that the feasibility study meets the long-term development plans of the city as per the CDA chairman, the approval is mandatory.

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