Chief Minister Punjab has officially Launched the Construction of Daducha Dam

Punjab Caretaker, Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi has officially launched the construction of Daducha Dam. It is a great step to confront the challenges of water scarcity in dam.  

It is estimated that the Daducha Dam project has cost PKR 14 billion in the last few years, up from its original budget of PKR 6.7 billion. With a daily supply capacity of 35 million gallons, the dam is designed to be an optimal solution to Rawalpindi’s water insufficiency issues. The construction is progressing as planned and is expected to be completed within the next two years.

FWO is working as a contractor for the Daducha Dam. The dam was proposed in 2001 and its contract was awarded to the FWO after 19 years, in 2020. The entire project comprises a land of total 16,194 kanals of Rawalpindi and Kallar Syedan.

According to the recent development updates, the project has achieved substantial progress, boasting a financial status of 26% and a physical progress rate of 12%. It is a satisfactory development rate. Concluding it is a very good initiative, particularly during the summer season when there is a strong deficiency of water.

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