Google Team to Explore Collaboration in Education, Tech Sectors in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Federal Education announced that a team from Google will visit Pakistan to explore working together in education and technology.

The team, made up of top officials, will arrive right after Eid.

This visit follows a request from the education ministry for Google’s help in building a digital education system in Pakistan. Google’s advance teams have already done some initial work.

Education Secretary Mohyuddin Wani said the Google team will hold a national workshop with various stakeholders to find tech solutions for children who are not in school.

“We will talk about how we can work together in education and technology, and how to use Pakistan’s youth potential to create a digital education system,” he added.

“We are excited to welcome the Google team to Pakistan and look at ways to use technology to improve education. This partnership could change education in Pakistan and give everyone access to quality education,” he said.

Every primary school student under the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) will get a tracksuit in the next session.

“Our goal is to encourage students to play sports and stay healthy. We want young students to feel like athletes and develop a love for physical activity that will last a lifetime,” Wani said.

He said giving tracksuits to all students is to get them involved in sports for better health and minds. Another aim is to promote a lifelong love for physical activity from a young age.

“We believe every child should have the chance to build physical skills and a healthy lifestyle. This initiative is a step towards encouraging a love for sports and physical activity among our young students,” he added.

Concluding, this is a hopeful news for pakistani students.

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