Government and CDA Collectively Initated Construction Project of Bicycle Lanes In Islamabad

cyclist-man-riding-bike-roadIslamabad: The government and CDA took the initiative to construct bicycle lanes in the federal capital, Islamabad.

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has invited the Frontier Work Organization (FWO), National Logistic Cell (NLC), and RAILCOP to submit their bidding documents ahead of the January 23 deadline. Nauman Khalid, the spokesperson for the CDA, has confirmed that the contract for the project will be granted to a government-owned construction firm.This decision is aimed to ensure timely implementation of this great initiative and, at best, relieving congestion in Islamabad.

The CDA spokesperson, Nauman Khalid has stated that the contract for this project will be awarded to a government-owned construction firm. This decision is aimed to ensure timely implementation of the initiative and, at best, relieving congestion in Islamabad.


The CDA’s Development department has agreed to proceed with this project with a budget of PKR 2.8 billion. The plan aims to finish within two years and includes creating special lanes along Jinnah Avenue, Khayaban-i-Iqbal, and service roads in 26 residential areas. Moreover, the CDA plans to hire multiple private companies to build 150 parking lots designed for bicycles and e-bikes for the public to use.

“For everyday mobility, many capital residents rely on public transport, such as metro and vans or ride-hailing services,” the PC-I said. This initiative would facilitate people who do not own vehicles by providing them with a secure, convenient, and fair commuting alternative.

It further said: “The aim is to invest in building bicycle lanes on the roads of Islamabad so people can have a viable option of using bikes as a means of transportation, rather than solely relying on cars.

The spokesperson highlighted the high need to address carbon emissions and emphasized the promotion of Cycling throughout the entire city. They pointed out that this initiative is particularly suitable for a significant portion of the population, especially for the youth, as they can easily adopt it. Moreover, the project includes promoting an e-bike service, complete with strategically placed stations to encourage the use of these environmentally friendly transportation modes.

This initiative closely aligns with Sustainable Development Goal 13, focusing on climate action. It aims to reduce carbon emissions, enhance air quality, and contribute to mitigating climate change.

Concluding, we can say that this is very great and encouraging initiative by our government and institutes. Mostly all the developed countries in the world promote Cycling as a mode of transportation. Beyond good urban transportation mode, Cycling has numerous personal benefits. Cycling is one of the best exercise for physical fitness.It promotes physical health and well-being, offering a low-impact exercise that improves cardiovascular fitness and helps maintain a healthy lifestyle. We hope for the on-time completion of this initiative and prosperity of Pakistan.

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