Karachi Starts Cultivating World’s Most Expensive Mangoes ‘Miyazaki’

In Karachi, the cultivation of the world’s most expensive mango, the ‘Miyazaki’, has recently started, marking a significant achievement in Pakistan’s agriculture, according to a local news source. These special type of mangoes were originally grown only in Japan. This prized fruit is known for its distinctive red and purple colors.

The ‘Miyazaki’ mango is highly valuable, selling for between USD 800 and USD 900 per kilogram in international markets. Locally, it can cost up to Rs3 lakh per kg, making it a luxury item not easily accessible to the average consumer. Pakistan is already well-known for its diverse and delicious mango varieties such as Chaunsa, Sindhri, Langra, Dasheri, and Anwar Ratol, each celebrated globally for their unique flavours.

Introducing ‘Miyazaki’ mangoes to Pakistan adds a new dimension to the country’s mango production and could enhance its standing in the international fruit market. If ‘Miyazaki’ mangoes successfully adapt to Karachi’s climate, broader commercial cultivation could transform the local agricultural economy.

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