Islamabad Police Launches “Knock the Door” Safety Campaign

In Islamabad, the police have started a proactive campaign called “Knock the Door” to make sure household workers and tenants are registered. This initiative is destined to make neighbourhoods safer and stop crime, according to a report released on April 15.

A police public relations officer said officers from the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) of Islamabad gathered information on 242 house helpers in 520 homes around Khanna and Bani Gala.

This registration process is part of bigger plans to keep law and order in the capital city. They want to spot people who might cause trouble by collecting details about tenants and workers. The main aim is to reduce the chances of theft and other crimes by people pretending to be regular citizens.

During this campaign, police visited neighbourhoods and different areas to collect important information and talk to residents about any problems they’re facing. They also asked people to be careful and check the identity of anyone collecting data, especially if they’re not wearing police uniforms.

It is a great initiative to register tenants and workers because they could pose risks to public safety, especially if they’re involved in theft or robbery.

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