Latest Cement Rates in Pakistan Today 2024

Inflation is a great challenge in Pakistan and has been a significant issue for decades. Due to inflation, the construction industry also suffers like many other industries in Pakistan. Cement is a primary material for structures like houses, roads, and more. When inflation increases, the costs of overall products increase. If you’re interested to know about the current price of a 50kg cement bag in Pakistan this February, this blog is for you.

The fluctuating cost of cement can significantly impact project expenses, making it essential to stay updated on price changes. Planning ahead and budgeting accordingly can help mitigate financial challenges when undertaking construction projects.

Factors Influencing Cement Inflation Rate

Supply and Demand

The balance between supply and demand in the market significantly affects cement prices. Shortages in supply or high demand can lead to price increases.

Raw Material Costs 

The cost of raw materials such as limestone, clay, and gypsum, which are used in cement production, directly impacts the final product’s price.

Energy Costs 

Cement manufacturing requires significant energy inputs, particularly in the form of coal and electricity. Fluctuations in energy prices can influence the cost of production and, consequently, the retail price of cement.

Transportation Costs 

The expense of transporting cement from manufacturing plants to distribution centers and retail outlets affects its final price. Factors such as fuel prices, distance, and infrastructure quality can influence transportation costs.

Government Regulations and Taxes 

Government policies, taxes, tariffs, and regulations related to cement production and distribution can impact its price. Changes in taxation or regulatory requirements can lead to price fluctuations.

Market Competition 

Competition among cement manufacturers and suppliers can influence pricing strategies. Intense competition may lead to price wars or competitive pricing to attract customers.

Today’s Cement Price in Pakistan  

According to updated information, the cement rates in Pakistan today are given below. In the following table, the prices of cement from different Pakistan, including Fauji cement, Lucky Cement, Kohat cement, Power Cement Rate, etc. 

No.                 Companies   Price/50Kg Bag
1 BestWay Cement Rate RS. 1,200-1,205
2 Maple Leaf White Cement RS. 1,850-1,900
3 Kohat White RS. 1,195-1,200
4 Pakcem Cement Rate RS. 1,200-1,205
5 DG Khan Cement Rate RS. 1195-1,205
6 Fauji Cement Rate RS. 1,190-1,200
7 Lucky Cement Rate RS. 1,190-1,210
8 Kohat Cement Rate RS. 1,195-1,200
9 Cherat Cement Rate RS. 1,850-1,900
10 Maple Leaf Cement Rate RS. 1,850-1,900
10 Power cement Rate RS. 1,190-1,195
11 Askari cement Rate RS. 1,190-1,195
12 Pioneer Cement Rate RS. 1,190-1,195
13 Paidar Cement Rate RS. 1,190-1,195
14 Falcon Cement Rate RS. 1,190-1,195
15 Flaying Pakistan Rate RS.1,170-1,195


In Pakistan, the latest cement rates for 2024 reflect the interconnection between supply, demand, and external factors. As consumers, builders, and investors, adequate information about cement prices is important for making well-informed decisions and fostering sustainable development. Stay tuned for more insights. Click here for latest updates.


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