State Bank Pakistan is Going to Introduce New Currency Designs With Enhanced Security Features

The Governer of the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), Jameel Ahmed, announced some breaking news regarding the currency. During a casual talk with journalists, Governor Jameel Ahmed surprised everyone with the decision to introduce new money all over Pakistan.

The purpose of this new currency is to enhance security features, control the circulation of black money within the country, and stop illegal money activities. It shows that the State Bank of Pakistan is serious about changing the money we use.

Governor Jameel Ahmed said the new money would have good security features to stop fake money. They’re even having a contest in February to decide how the new money will look.

The new money will be colourful, and have special numbers, fancy designs, and extra security measures. They want to make sure it’s hard to copy.

Governor Jameel Ahmed assured that the coming currency notes would integrate cutting-edge technology and international security measures to prevent monetary fraud. Additionally, a February design competition will shape the upcoming currency’s visual aesthetics.

Moreover, Governor Ahmed pacified the public against abrupt disruptions, clarifying that the transition process would not replicate the problems that in India.

Hence, it is great news and a revolutionary change, depicting that the State Bank of Pakistan is dedicated to keeping our money system safe.

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