NHA Directed CDA to Repair Murree Road Near Bhara Kahu

NHA directed CDA to Repair Murree Road Near Bhara Kahu, which was damaged during the construction of the Bhara Kahu Bypass.

In a recent turn of events, the National Highways Authority (NHA) has urgently requested the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to prioritize repairing and reconstructing the severely damaged section of Murree Road. This damage occurred during the construction of the Bhara Kahu Bypass, leaving commuters and residents in a state of inconvenience and frustration. The news, published on September 21, has sparked a flurry of discussions and meetings between these two organizations to address the pressing issue.

Bhara Kahu Bypass Project

Bhara Kahu Bypass Project

The Bhara Kahu Bypass is a new road in Islamabad, Pakistan. It was planned to make a different way to get to places like Murree, Kashmir, and Galiyat.

The PTI government suggested this project and announced it in November 2021 during a big event in Bhara Kahu. They actually started building it in March 2022. Mr. Khurram Nawaz Awan, who works with the Prime Minister, said that this project would take about two years to finish. It will help fix the bad traffic in Bhara Kahu and make it easier for people who live there and for tourists going to Murree and Azad Kashmir. The Frontier Works Organisation will do the work. Even after the PTI government ended, the PDM government continued this project and successfully inaugurated it on August 4, 2023.

NHA Directed CDA to Repair Murree Road

NHA Directed CDA to Repair Murree Road Near Bhara Kahu


The National Highway Authority (NHA) is the custodian of Murree Road, a vital artery in Islamabad’s transportation network. On the other hand, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) is the owner of the Bhara Kahu bypass, a project initiated to enhance traffic flow in the region. The bypass was a pet project of the previous government, led by Shehbaz Sharif, and was completed within an impressive ten-month timeframe.

The trouble began when the Bhara Kahu bypass was under construction, and the portion of Murree Road beneath the newly built flyover suffered extensive damage. As news of the damaged Murree Road section spread, complaints from the general public began to flood in, citing the deplorable condition of the road. The uneven surface and shoddy repairs have made this once bustling road a nightmare for those who rely on it for their daily commute.

While this was an unfortunate consequence of the construction process, it was expected that the CDA would take responsibility for repairing the road once the bypass was completed. The NHA couldn’t ignore the people’s growing frustration and quickly called for a meeting with CDA representatives to address the issue head-on.

In response to these mounting complaints, the NHA decided to take action. A recent meeting was convened at the NHA headquarters, attended by officials from both the NHA and the CDA. The meeting was chaired by the Member Engineering and Coordination of NHA, who sought answers from the CDA regarding the delay in repairing Murree Road.

The meeting between the NHA and CDA representatives took place intending to find a swift solution to the deteriorating state of Murree Road. During this meeting, the NHA representatives urged the CDA to initiate immediate repairs on Murree Road to alleviate the inconvenience faced by the public.

To everyone’s relief, the CDA Director General and other officials assured the attendees that work on repairing Murree Road would commence soon. It was disclosed that negotiations had already occurred with the National Logistic Cell (NLC), indicating that progress was on the horizon. However, it’s important to note that despite the Bhara Kahu Bypass being completed, the CDA has thus far failed to initiate repairs on the damaged portion of Murree Road that runs beneath the flyover.

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The urgent need for repairs on Murree Road cannot be overstated. Therefore, NHA Directed CDA to Repair Murree Road Near Bhara Kahu. The collaboration between the NHA and CDA to address this issue is a positive step forward. As residents and commuters eagerly await the promised repairs, it is hoped that both organizations will work swiftly and efficiently to restore this vital roadway to its former glory.

Timely action in this matter not only improves the people’s daily lives but also reflects positively on our government bodies’ commitment to the public’s welfare. Let us hope for a swift and successful resolution to this pressing concern, ensuring safer and more convenient travel for all.


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