Pakistan Army is Going to Kickstart Green Pakistan Initiative

Pakistan has a great farming potential. Pakistan’s agriculture sector has struggled a lot to overcome multiple issues including poor market access, old farming practices, and an increasing number of floods.

Now Pakistan army is taking steps to grow Pakistan’s agriculture through the Green Pakistan Initiative. Geen Pakistan Initiative is a highly benefit able project of the Government of Pakistan to bring green revolution to the country. This plan involves increasing crop production and attracting foreign investment to help the struggling economy. The initiative offers land leases in underdeveloped areas and supports irrigation projects. The government plans to use the Cholistan Desert in Punjab for farming by leasing state-owned land. 

The Green Revolution was a global movement between the era of 1960s and 1980 that has significantly increased agricultural trade and production. The Pakistani government states that corporate farming is necessary to guarantee food security for its 240 million citizens. Now, the military in Pakistan is taking a major role in a project that involves commanding around 4.8 million acres of land.

We hope for a green agricultural revolution and the best future for Pakistan.

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