Petrol Prices Dropped by Rs 40/- per Litre Bringing Relief to Citizens

The government has reduced the prices of petrol by pkr 40/- and that of diesel by an amount of 15 rupees. Petroleum will now cost Rs283.38 per liter, down from the previous price of Rs323.38 per liter. High-speed diesel (HSD) will be priced at Rs291.18 per liter, a reduction of Rs15 per liter for the next two weeks.

This price reduction comes after a previous decrease in petrol prices on October 1, when the cost was lowered by Rs8 per liter, bringing it to Rs323.38 per liter. During the same period, HSD prices went down by Rs11 per liter to Rs318.18, and kerosene oil prices were reduced by Rs7.53 per liter, making it Rs237.28.

The Caretaker Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Murtaza Solangi, has stated that transporters are now obligated to lower their fares and freight charges as a result of the government’s significant reduction in fuel prices. He has called upon provincial and district administrations to help ensure that these cost savings are passed on to the general public. Solangi emphasized that the government has decreased petrol and diesel prices by Rs40 and Rs15, respectively, and transporters should now provide relief to the people by reducing their charges.

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