Federal Minister Initiated Development Project of Shah Allah Ditta Caves Islamabad

Islamabad: Federal Minister Initiatated a new innovative project to preserve the historic Shah Allah Ditta Caves in Islamabad, the Federal Minister unveiled a restoration project for the site. Mr. Jamal Shah, the Caretaker Minister of National Heritage & Culture (NH&C), launched this project “Shah Allah Ditta Caves” construction, maintenance, and preservation initiative.

The Shah Allah Ditta Caves site has been recognized and accredited officially from the Department of Archaeology & Museums (DOAM) Islamabad, as highlighted by the Chief Minister during the event. According to reports, the Antiquities Act of 1975 has designated it as a “Protected Antiquity.” The minister, accompanied by several high-ranking officials, including:

  • Humaira Ahmed, NH&C Federal Secretary
  • Dr. Abdul Azeem, Director General (DG) of DOAM Islamabad

This project has its own unique significance. The NH&C has undertaken major initiatives in the current budget year. The emphasis is on the development, preservation, protection, and restoration of the cave. The project includes a combination of both hard and soft landscaping techniques, covering a wide range of tasks and responsibilities. 

The project following tasks, including:

Archaeological Excavation:

Conducting thorough excavations to uncover and study archaeological artifacts and features at the site.

Comprehensive Documentation of the Site:

Documenting detailed information about the site, including its historical and archaeological significance, to create a comprehensive record.

Implementation of Drainage Operations:

Executing drainage operations to manage water flow and prevent any potential issues related to water accumulation at the site.

Geotechnical Studies Related to Binding Substances:

Thorough geotechnical studies to understand the properties of the soil and other binding substances, which is important for construction and preservation efforts.

These measures reflect a comprehensive approach to safeguarding the cultural and historical importance of the Shah Allah Ditta Caves.

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