Rawalpindi Ring Road Project Completion and Inauguration Date Revealed

Mr. Liaquat Ali Chatta, the Commissioner, has just revealed the completion date for the massive Rawalpindi Ring Road (RRR) project. 

According to news source, Ring Road Rawalpindi is going to be completed by 31-July-2024. 

Thalian Interchange Project is being renovated and the bridges over the Sil and Soan Rivers are also in the stage of development. 

Excitingly, the Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) has plans for lush greenery on both sides of the Ring Road. Mr. Chatta also spilled the beans on the ongoing construction development of RRR and Motorway (M2) traffic network. With over 18% of the work already done, the project is committed to top-notch construction.

The grand opening of the Ring Road is slated for August 14, 2024. Wondering what this extensive project includes? The project  six canals, a railway bridge, fifteen subways, five interchanges, two river bridges, and eleven overpasses. 

In Future,we hope for a Well-Developed and Prosperous Islamabad with these Wonderful Construction Projects !

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