Saudi Delegation Visits Karachi Airport for ‘Road to Makkah’ Plan

A team of saudi arabia comprising two members visited Jinnah International Airport in Karachi to check out the airport’s facilities and discuss arrangements for people going on Hajj and Umrah trips to Saudi Arabia. This was part of the ‘Road to Makkah Project,’ which aims to make the immigration process smoother for these pilgrims.

The project, started by the Saudi Ministry of Haj and Umrah in 2019, is now in action in five countries, including Pakistan. The Saudi consul general in Karachi joined the team during their visit.

When the Saudi delegation arrived at the airport, they received a warm welcome and a friendly reception from the acting airport manager of Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and other relevant authorities. They were given a detailed tour of the airport, including the route Haj pilgrims would take from the main entrance to the immigration area.

The delegation was particularly interested in how pilgrims and voyagers enter and the space available for immigration. They also discussed important points like which halls would be used for immigration and other related issues. It was stressed that pilgrims should arrive at least five hours before their flight’s departure time to ensure they have enough time for all the necessary procedures and preparations.

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