Solar Energy Trends and Latest Solar Panel Prices in Pakistan 2024

Pakistan being an underdeveloped country is going through a drastic financial crisis for the past 3 decades. Load Shedding of gas and electricity are two huge problems of Pakistan. Prices of electricity bills have also increased consequently creating uncertainty for residents. Government is not taking the issue seriously and the issue is unresolved.

What are Solar Panels ? and How do they Work?

Benefits of Solar Panels

Now,the Pakistanis are shifting towards solar panels. So, let us discuss, what is a solar panel ? A solar panel is a device that converts sunlight into electricity using photovoltaic (PV) cells.PV cells are made of materials that produce excited electrons when exposed to light. The electrons flow through a circuit and produce direct current (DC) electricity, which can be used to power various devices or be stored in batteries. Solar panels are also known as solar cell panels, solar electric panels, or PV modules. Solar panels are usually arranged in groups called arrays or systems.

Solar Panels Prices in Pakistan

Solar Panels

Now coming towards the prices of Solar Panels in Pakistan. Several factors, such as the quality 

and grade of the panel, basically solar panel prices in Pakistan. Over the past five years, this sector has seen tremendous growth. The increasing cost of electricity and energy has driven up the demand for solar panels. Its a one-time investment with long-lasting returns. Pakistan, blessed with extended periods of sunlight, is particularly well-suited for solar energy.

Many view solar power as the primary energy source of the future. It is both economically viable and environmentally friendly. If you are going to buy solar panels for your house and family, you must have to collect adequate knowledge about solar panels from markets as well as from solar power consumers. Then you have to finalize which kind of solar panel you want and no.of plates according to your demands.

Here,we provide some data related to prices of solar panels in Pakistan.

Longi Solar Panel Price in Pakistan 2024

Specification  Price Per Watt Price (PKR)
Longi Hi-Mo 6 565/ 575/ 570/ 580/585-watt single glass size 90/45 36.50 21170
Longi Hi-Mo 7 580 watt single glass 18 bus bar n-type size 90/45 41 23780
Longi HiMo 5 560/555-watt single glass p-type mono facial panel size 90/45 35 19250
Longi HiMo 5 540/535-watt single glass p type Bificial 90/45 37 19980

JA Solar Panel Price in Pakistan 2024

Specification  Price Per Watt Price (PKR)
JA N type Bificial 580 watt 16 bus bar 45/92 size 36 20880
JA 540 watts single glass A grad documented Price 45/90 size 35 18900
JA 565 watts single glrass tier one Agrade 45/92 size 36 20340
JA 550 Bifical/double glass tier one Agrade 45/92 size 36 19800

Jinko A grade Solar Panel Price in Pakistan 2024

Specification  Price Per Watt Price (PKR)
Jinko N type 580 watt a grade documented price 36.50 21170
Jinko N type 580-watt bifacial solar panels 39.50 22910
Jinko P type a grade tier 1 solar panel 555 watts 35 19425
Jinko P type a grade tier 1 solar panel 555 watts 35 19600
Jinko p type Bificial a grade tier 1 solar panel 540 watts 44 24840

Canadian Solar Price in Pakistan 2024

Specification Price Per Watt Price (PKR)
Canadian Topcon solar panel 575-watt price 40 23000
650 Canadian watt solar panel price in Pakistan 37 24050
Canadian 555 watts Tier 1 single glass a grade documented 36 20257
Canadian 545 watts single glass a grade price 36 19892
Canadian 550 watts single glass a grade price 36 20075


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1. Do solar panels only work on sunny days?

Ans. Solar panels produce the most electricity on bright, sunny days. However, they can still generate some power on cloudy or overcast days. In fact, even in foggy or rainy weather, they can still produce 25-30% of their peak output.

2. What happens to solar panels in the winter or when it snows?

While snow can temporarily block sunlight from reaching the panels and reduce electricity production, snow usually slides off the panels relatively quickly, especially at steeper angles. Some systems also have built-in heating elements to melt light snowfall.

3. Can solar panels power my entire house?

Ans. Solar panels can significantly reduce your reliance on grid electricity, and in some cases, with battery backup, they can even cover your entire home’s energy needs. However, the number of panels you need depends on your energy consumption, sunlight exposure, and budget.

4. Is installing solar panels expensive?

Ans. The upfront cost of a solar panel system can be significant. However, there are government incentives and rebates available in many regions that can bring down the price. Additionally, solar panels can significantly reduce your electricity bills over time, leading to long-term savings.

5. How long do solar panels last?

Ans. Solar panels are very durable and have a long lifespan. Most well-maintained solar panels can last for 25 years or even longer, with minimal power degradation over time.

6. Is maintenance required for solar panels?

Ans. Solar panels require minimal maintenance. They should be kept free of debris and occasionally inspected for any damage. Some systems may require professional cleaning periodically, depending on your environment.

Ending Words

In 2024, solar panel prices in Pakistan became more competitive, making them an attractive option for those looking to switch to renewable energy. Solar power offers a fantastic way to reduce dependence on the national electricity and pay expansive bills. Government policies promoting renewable energy in real estate projects, combined with increased market competition, have driven down the cost of solar panels. As a result, the future of solar power in Pakistan looks brighter and businesses of solar panels in Pakistan are expected to grow faster in this era.


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