Support Desks for Overseas Pakistanis Launched by CDA

Capital Development Authority has inaugurated ‘Support Desks for Overseas Pakistanis’ at its One Window facility in Islamabad with the aim of supporting overseas Pakistani and resolving their issues. They have been inaugurated by Special Assistant to the Prime Minister SAPM. This strategic move aligns closely with the government’s vision of providing comprehensive assistance and facilitation to the Pakistani diaspora residing abroad. The desk will also provide a platform for Pakistanis living abroad to share their ideas and suggestions with the relevant authorities. 

Purpose of Support Desks

The support desks are dedicated to providing a one-stop solution to all the CDA-related matters of overseas Pakistanis, including estate management, building control, land and rehabilitation, and revenue-related issues. Additionally, a designated information official is on hand to provide procedural guidance and support.The launch of these support desks is a welcome initiative, especially considering the significant contributions that overseas Pakistanis make to the country’s economy and development. By streamlining the process and providing dedicated assistance, CDA is making it easier for overseas Pakistanis to manage their affairs in Pakistan, even while they are living abroad.This initiative will also help to build a strong bond between the overseas Pakistani with their homeland.

The support desks are operational during regular office hours from 7:30 A.M. to 3:30 P.M., and overseas Pakistanis can seek assistance in person or by contacting the desks via phone or email.

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The following are some of the specific services that will be offered at the support desks:

  • Issuance of NOCs for overseas Pakistanis to sell their properties in Pakistan
  • Assistance with the transfer of ownership of properties
  • Resolution of property disputes
  • Facilitation in obtaining building permits and approvals
  • Assistance with land acquisition and rehabilitation
  • Guidance on revenue-related matters, such as taxes and property rates

The launch of these support desks is a good step forward by government to facilitate overseas Pakistanis and to build a better reputation of Pakistan abroad.

It is hoped that this initiative will encourage more overseas Pakistanis to invest in Pakistan and contribute to the country’s development. 


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