CM Naqvi Laid Foundation of Walton Road Flyover Project in Lahore

In Lahore, Chief Minister Mr. Mohsin Naqvi inaugurated the grand ceremony of the Walton Road Flyover Project. According to reports, this infrastructure initiative, named the “Major Muhammad Ishaq Shaheed Flyover Project,” is set to stretch over 750 meters along Walton Road, with the objective of converting the thoroughfare into a two-lane corridor.

The Chief Minister focused on solving Lahore’s traffic issues and improving the overall infrastructure of that region. According to CM, this project has great potential to solve and manage the traffic-related changes in the city. A “120-day” deadline is set for the completion of this project. He emphasized its symbolic importance in honoring the sacrifices of national heroes, specifically Major Ishaq. Initially, the approved budget of this project was 1.2 billion, with two protected U-turns provided. But the revised plan simplifies construction to a more practical PKR 1 billion saves about $3 million from initial costs.

Major Ishaq Shaheed Flyover Project

This achievement was made possible through collaborative efforts from various entities, including the National Logistics Corporation (NLC), the Central Business District (CBD) Punjab, and the National Engineering Services Pakistan (NESPAK). The Chief Minister expressed gratitude for their collective contributions during the project’s announcement.

During the ceremony, Mr. Naqvi also revealed that the progress of construction aimed at improving traffic flow from Gulberg to Walton is expected to be completed on 15th February. Concurrently, concerns regarding drainage in residential districts such as Walton, DHA, and Cantonment are being addressed, incurring a cost of PKR 9 billion within the Central Business District (CBD).

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