Will Pakistan Government Shut Down Internet on Election Day 8 February 2024?

Interim Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Murtaza Solangi, confirmed on Tuesday, affirming that mobile or internet services will work smoothly without any kind of interruption. Hence no server dwon will occur on the election day 8 February 2024. Government want to encourage public to cast their votes and exercise their democratic right and encouraging the public to exercise their democratic right wisely. Solangi emphasized on the significance of voting as a good indication of patriotism and dedication to the democratic system.

He categorically stated that no orders have been issued by Government to interrupt the communication services throughout the election process.

“The freedom to communicate and access information is essential for a fair and transparent election,” stated Solangi. In fact, he highlighted the government’s commitment to maintain democratic values.

An internet shutdown for just one day causes telecom companies to lose about Rs. 940 million, and the government loses about Rs. 329 million in taxation from the sector. This is a rough estimate based on the calculation of generated revenure of telecom companies in Pakistan, which was around Rs. 572 billion.

During the internet shutdown last year amid political unrest in May 2023, an official from the Pakistan Freelancers Association stated that the IT freelance industry was losing nearly $2 million per day because of the suspension of internet services.

Hence,disruption of internet and communication services causes a huge monetary loss in Pakistan.

Moreover, solangi assured that govt will take requisite measures to enforce law and order challenges on polling day. Law enforcement on election day is a great concern of federal minister.

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We hope for a fair and free elections on 8 February.

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