Pakistan Government Initiated Construction on Thar to Port Qasim Railway Project

In Islamabad, the Pakistan government is going to launch and boost up construction project on 105-kilometer railway line from Thar to Port Qasim.

The main idea behind this construction project is to improve transportation of coal from Thar’s fields to power plants across the country, consequently increasing the connectivity.

This big project is expected to be finished by December 2024 and will cost around Rs 58 billion. Even though both the federal and Sindh governments are funding it, the federal authorities will oversee its management to ensure timely completion. Moreover, it’s expected to increase the use of coal-based energy in Pakistan’s energy mix.

The primary goal is to replace the four to five thermal power projects that now use imported coal with coal from Thar. This is a calculated strategic approach meant to maximize local resources for sustainable energy production while reducing the nation’s import costs.

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